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Q1. What is Elders Life Care?

Elders Life Care (ELC) Services Pvt. Ltd. is a professionally managed elderly services provider, registered under Companies Act 2013 (CIN No: U74900MH2015PTC265934). We aim to serve the day to day needs of growing number of elderly (people above the age of 55 years) in India. As of 2013 estimates, there are more than 100 million elderly in India and the numbers are going to be exponential in the coming years!


Q2. Why are you doing this service? Or what is your objective?

Our primary aim is to enhance the quality of life of every elder and provide them peace of mind. We have come across many elderly in our network who want to enjoy the golden years of their life, but either do not have access to elder care facilities or do not know how to reach them. We want help the elderly in finding high quality, affordable, fit-for-purpose elderly services. Once established, we will also offer some of our services to under-privileged elderly on a no-profit basis. Hence, we call our self a social enterprise!

Q3. What kind of services / consulting do you provide?

At the moment, we are offering help in searching a senior living / retirement facility (OAH). We have partnerships with various types of facilities that can be rented or bought by the elderly. In addition to this, we will offer more services in near future.


Q4. Who are your promoters?

The company is managed by a few young entrepreneurs, under the supervision / guidance of Mr. H.A. Khan (a senior citizen with 45 years of business experience). He started the company based on his own day to day requirements.


Our Managing Director Mr. Niraj Khedkar is based at Mumbai, India. He is an MBA graduate with 10 years of professional experience in Indian and multinational companies. Before joining ELC, Niraj was working as a Senior Sales Manager at an aggregator of online taxi services in India. Niraj has extensive business experience in sales and marketing of both online and offline business services. He  manages the day to day operations and strategic  partnerships with service providers in India. 


Our mentor Mr. Faiz Khan is an overseas citizen of India. i.e. an Indian settled in Europe. His parents live alone in India, and all our services are conceived considering the needs of his parents. Every time he visits India, the lack of elderly services (compared to western countries) disappoint him. So he thought of doing something not only for his parents, but for millions of elderly who search for care, support or just ways of enagement, but find it diffcult to get reliable information.

Q5. How do you ensure reliability of service providers?

All our core operations team members have at least 10 years of business / industry experience. Our management / consulting team comprises:

  • Mr. H.A. Khan, who has 45 years of rich business experience. He is our inspiration and guide on elders needs.
  • Mr. Niraj Khedkar, who has an MBA from a reputed business school in Mumbai and several years of Sales and Marketing experience.
  • Senior Operations Manager at an international Airport in India, dealing with millions of passengers yearly and managing hundreds of staff to provide high quality customer care;
  • Senior HR professional from an international insurance company, having rich experience in dealing with people.


With such a strong team, we will:

  • Publish data of only verified service providers;
  • Ensure that the overview of service providers is very clear, transparent and elder friendly;
  • Ensure that every transaction via us makes the consumer feel emotionally secure and the transaction is provided within the framework of a mutually agreed scope with our partners;
  • Ensure via periodic review of partners that all services are provided by skilled, integral and elder friendly counsellors / service providers;
  • Use technology to enable rating of services by users and provide un-biased / open feedback on our website.

Q6. How much your services cost?

With the exception of special requests, all our services are free of charge for the consumers.

Q7. Who can avail your services?

In principle, all elderly  can avail our services. We will be glad to serve specially those who live alone, are single or whose children live with them, but due to busy work / life schedule do not have enough time to attend their parents’ needs.

Q8. What do you mean by “Free” services or what do you provide freely? 

We are an elderly consulting / consolidation service provider. This means we help elderly in finding the right services that match their requirements. For providing this consulting / consolidation we do not charge any fee. However, you may need to pay the service provider (e.g. if we recommend a senior living facility to you and you want to get admission, you pay them as per their admission procedure).

Q9. How much is the rent of each facility?

Every facility is different, the rent depends on the types of facilities they provide, ranging from INR 5,000 per month to INR 80,000 per month.

Q10. What do you get in return of this service? Or what is in it for you?

We do not charge any fee to the elderly, but for every customer that we bring to the senior retirement facility, we get a small commission.

Q11. What kind of senior living facilities do you have?

We have access to more than 100 senior living facilities in and around Mumbai, please let us know your requirement and budget and we will get back to you with the best possible match.

Q12. Where are these facilities located, can you give me the address?

Please let us know your requirement and budget and we will get back to you with the best possible match. In case you want to go yourself, we need your name and phone number, so that we can inform the facility and arrange a meeting.

Q13. What is the procedure to get admission into a senior living facility via you?

Once you tell us your requirements, we will recommend you the most suitable facility that will not only meet your budget but also the quality of services. Out of two-three options that we will provide, you can choose the one that you like. Based on your choice we can arrange a site visit or accompany you to complete the admission process. The process differs per facility and will be explained to you by the facility provider.

Q14. When and who do we pay for the services?

You always pay directly to our partner at the time of signing a service agreement or at the time of availing a service. Only for special requests (e.g. accompanying for a partner visit  or transportation requests), where we charge the consumer directly, you will pay us in advance.


Q15. I would like to take your services, but my needs are not directly matching with the services that you have listed?

Although we have shortlisted six start-up services, we do understand that every elderly is different and every family has special needs. Hence, in addition to standard services we do provide tailor-made services. Just send us an email or call to know how we can assist you.


Q16. Can I get a trial before taking the formal service?

Please let us know your requirements and we will see how best we can provide you a trial.


Q17. How do you protect personal / family information of your consumers?

We have very strict rules on who is allowed to have access to customer inquiry forms and personal data of the elderly. Only a limited number of associates, mostly the ones who deal with the elderly, are allowed access to the personal data of their client. We follow an internal quality management process to audit the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client data.


Q18. I like the work you are doing, but I don’t have any elderly myself, can I sponsor someone?

Of course, serving an elderly is considered a noble cause in all religions and society in general. If you do not have any elderly within your family, you can still support someone who you think should be supported in his / her day to day life. Please have a look at our “Sponsor” service and let us know who you would like to sponsor. In addition to you, we will partly subsidize by charging only the costs.


Q19. How else can I help you?

We would like to thank you already for taking the time to visit our website. If you would like to further help us, please share the website within your social network and near and dear ones in India and abroad. We are obviously looking for prospective customers, but also social / informal investors, venture capitalists etc. So if you  could connect us to such investors, or yourself would like to take part in this journey of ours, we and millions of elders will be grateful.

We hope we were able to answer some of your queries. If there are still questions that you would like us to answer, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

                                                                                             Team Elders Life Care!